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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:09 pm 

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    I'm still adding more Terra Monsters to this when I can but I'll post when I'm done adding them all.I hope to add all of the evolution levels in Alphabetical order because my goal is to be helpful to others. :) For anyone who wants to read more info on the Terra Monsters like where they can be found here's a very hepful link.
    (Note: The Terra Monsters that don't evolve will be in blue.Rare Terra Monsters will be in green and the three starter Terra monsters will be in purple.Out of the three starter Terra Monsters you can only pick one and you can't capture the other two.)

    Allistinker evolves into Fouligator after Level 16 with 7 Evolution Points
    Amperor is evolved from Manteri.
    Aquanine evolves from [color=#]Niptune[/color].Aquanine evolves into Carnivice after Level 36 with 14 Evolution Points.
    Aquarin does not evolve.
    Arcaneo does not evolve.
    Brak evolves into Bufflow after Level 30 with 12 Evolution Points.
    Bufflow is evolved from Brak.
    Buntis is evolved from Yantis.
    Cackyll is evolved from Heckyll.
    Carnivice is evolved from Aquanine.
    Celestail evolves from Staria.Celestail evolves into Celestroah after Level 55 with 18 Evolution Points.
    Celestroah is evolved from Celestail.
    Clawbster evolves into Clawlossal after Level 34 with 12 Evolution Points.
    Clawlossal is evolved from Clawbster.
    Cobrozo is evolved from Serpquin.
    Coralhorn is evolved from Coralpie.
    Coralpie evolves into Coralhorn after Level 18 with 10 Evolution Points.
    Cyclonine is evolved from Wintail.
    Dandylion evolves into Purrpetal after Level 15 with 5 Evolution Points.
    Dozer does not evolve.
    Dragonflare is evolved from Dragonfry.
    Dragonfry evolves into Dragonflare after Level 18 with 8 Evolution Points.
    Electripine evolves into Sporkupine after Level 37 with 10 Evolution Points.
    Equinair evolves to Equiness at Level 26 and requires 7 Evolution Points.
    Equiness is evolved from Equinair.
    Firenaught is evolved from Firmitaur.
    Firmitaur evolves from Flarmian.Firmitaur evolves into Firenaught at Level 33 with 14 Evolution Points.
    Flarmiblue is a mutated Flarmian, it is very rare and doesn't evolve. Only a handful of people have ever come close to Flarmiblue.
    Flamoose is evolved from Ignitler.
    Flarmian evolves into Firmitaur with Level 20 at 7 Evolution Points.
    Flofox evolves into Wintail after Level 15 with 5 Evolution Points.
    Fluster evolves from Mothball.Fluster evolves into Motharch after Level 19 with 6 Evolution Points.
    Fouligator is evolved from Allistinker.
    Foxpaw evolves into Pranktail after Level 45 with 14 Evolution Points.
    Gazolt evolves to Volteer at Level 38 and requires 15 Evolution Points.
    Generowl is evolved from Hootenant.
    Glacierin does not evolve.
    Glowino evolves into Gloyew after Level 40 with 20 Evolution Points.
    Gloyew is evolved from Glowino.
    Grynn evolves into Heckyll after Level 41 with 14 Evolution Points.
    Heckyll evolves from Grynn.Heckyll evolves into Cackyll after Level 56 with 16 Evolution Points.
    Hoodwink evolves into Robbinghood after Level 35 with 10 Evolution Points.
    Hootenant evolves into Generowl after Level 36 with 12 Evolution Points.
    Hythea is evolved from Lothea.
    Hytheo is evolved from Lotheo.
    Ignitler evolves into Flamoose at Level 28 and requires 10 Evolution Points.
    Jastrike is evolved from Shriken.
    Jestar is evolved from Pranktail.
    Krabken evolves into Clawbster after Level 15 with 7 Evolution Points.
    Lavyrm evolves into Magmawyrm after Level 34 with 20 Evolution Points.
    Leviacuda is evolved from Predacuda.
    Lothea evolves into Hythea after Level 20 with 10 Evolution Points.
    Lotheo evolves into Hytheo at Level 20 and requires 10 Evolution Points.
    Lotis evolves into Mantislash after Level 33 with 9 Evolution Points.
    Magmawyrm is evolved from Lavyrm.
    Manteri evolves from Manticub.Manteri evolves into Amperor after Level 45 with 20 Evolution Points.
    Manticub evolves into Manteri after Level 32 with 15 Evolution Points.
    Mantislash is evolved from Lotis.
    Motharch is evolved from Fluster.
    Mothball evolves into Fluster after Level 8 with 4 Evolution Points.
    Moxtail evolves into Vextail at Level 15 and requires 7 Evolution Points.
    Niptune evolves into Aquanine after Level 15 with 5 Evolution Points.
    Oarion does not evolve.
    Oddcat evolves into Pinclaw after Level 39 with 12 Evolution Points.
    Pandemite evolves into Pandora after Level 15 with 5 Evolution Points.
    Pandora evolves from Pandemite.Pandora evolves into Pandorum after Level 35 with 8 Evolution Points.
    Pandorum is evolved from Pandora.
    Pinclaw evolves from Oddcat.Pinclaw evolves into Quirkkat after Level 50 with 18 Evolution Points.
    Pranktail evolves from Foxpaw.Pranktail evolves into Jestar after Level 57 with 18 Evolution Points.
    Predacuda evolves from Scuda.Predacuda evolves into Leviacuda after Level 36 with 21 Evolution Points.
    Purrpetal evolves from Dandylion.Purrpetal evolves into Vioness after Level 37 with 8 Evolution Points.
    Quirkkat is evolved from Pinclaw.
    Racket evolves into Ratchet after Level 16 with 5 Evolution Points.
    Racruel is evolved from Ratchet.
    Ratchet evolves from Racket.Ratchet evolves into Racruel after Level 35 with 10 Evolution Points.
    Rhiyew is evolved from Shino.
    Robbinghood evolves from Hoodwink.Robbinghood evolves into Vilewing after Level 49 with 15 Evolution Points.
    Serpquin evolves from Snozo.Serpquin evolves into Cobrozo after Level 52 with 16 Evolution Points.
    Scuda evolves into Predacuda after Level 12 with 5 Evolution Points.
    Shadowmare does not evolve.
    Shadowvolt is evolved from Volteer.
    Shino evolves into Rhiyew after Level 26 with 12 Evolution Points.
    Shriken evolves into Jastrike after Level 32 with 10 Evolution Points.
    Snozo (Note: Snozo level 1 is rare in havenwoods but when you reach shrieking you will encounter a lot of snozos level 30+. )
    evolves into Serpquin after Level 41 with 18 Evolution Points.
    Sonax evolves from Swinx.
    Sootimander evolves into Sootiraptor after Level 19 with 7 Evolution Points.
    Sootiraptor evolves from Sootimander.Sootiraptor evolves into Sootragon after Level 38 with 12 Evolution Points.
    Sootragon is evolved from Sootiraptor.
    Sporkupine evolves from Electripine.Sporkupine evolves into Torqupine after Level 46 with 15 Evolution Points.
    Staria evolves into Celestail after Level 41 with 8 Evolution Points.
    Strutwind is evolved from Strutwing.
    Strutwing evolves into Strutwind after Level 25 with 12 Evolution Points.
    Swinx evolves into Sonax after Level 18 with 7 Evolution Points.
    Thrashtail is evolved from Vextail.
    Tomaling evolves into Tomahawk at Level 20 and requires 10 Evolution Points.
    Tomahawk is evolved from Tomaling.
    Torqupine is evolved from Sporkupine.
    Tortipous evolves into Tortitank after Level 28 with 14 Evolution Points.
    Tortitank is evolved from Tortipous.
    Vextail evolves into Thrashtail at Level 34 and requires 18 Evolution Points.
    Vilewing is evolved from Robbinghood.
    Vioness is evolved from Purrpetal.
    Volteer evolves from Gazolt.Volteer evolves into Shadowvolt after Level 48 and requires 15 Evolution Points.
    Wintail evolves from Flofox.Wintail evolves into Cyclonine after Level 36 with 8 Evolution Points.
    Yantis evolves into Buntis after Level 38 with 10 Evolution Points.
    Yeticlaw evolves from Yeticrab.Yeticlaw evolves to Yetiking at Level 57 and requires 20 Evolution Points.
    Yeticrab evolves into Yeticlaw at Level 44 and requires 12 Evolution Points.
    Yetiking is evolved from Yeticlaw.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:45 pm 

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snozo is rare


PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:49 pm 

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a snozo(lv1) is rare in havenwoods but when you reach shrieking you will encounter a lot of snozos (lv30+) :)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:05 am 

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ok :) :) :) :) :) ;) ;) ;)


PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:28 pm 

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do I'm doing something like Rose, have a small list with which they have captured and evolved, level I have is fairly accurate because until they do not exhaust points of evolution not train it, you like it copy it? Surely you have all or most

I'm Legend/Soy Leyenda

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:22 pm 

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I plan to get back to work on this when I get the chance.I can't believe I actually put so much work and time into this but I'm glad that I did.My whole goal to make it easier for people to find out what level a terramonster evolves and what they evolve into.I remember when I first wanted to find out what a flowfox evolved into.It took me awhile to find the answer and I had to go to another website to find it too.Anyway...thank you all for your input.I'll be sure to add the info on Snozo. :D

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